FAST Fundamentals

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This online course is designed for people who have just completed the "31 days to better financial modelling" course. It is the next step on the journey to mastering a rigorous, structured and transparent approach to modelling in Excel using the FAST Standard.

It will help you take what you have learned already, consolidate that learning, make connections between individual clauses in the FAST Standard and apply your knowledge to practical modelling challenges. You will learn that the FAST Standard is far greater than the sum of its parts and that it provides a holistic approach to designing and constructing spreadsheet models.

Course content includes additional videos and - more important - assessments for you to undertake so as to answer the question: "Am I ready to move on?". You may also find these assessments helpful if you are contemplating taking the FAST Standard Organisation's Level 1 Certificate.

This course has subtitles available in Arabic, French, German, Spanish and English.

CPD certified