Financial Statement Modelling (online)

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This course is also available in-person

Building an Excel model that forecast profits and cash flows across a regular series of future dates is a common requirement for the financial analyst and professional modeller. Undertaking such assignments requires sound commercial and accounting knowledge, as well as important design and construction decisions in relation to the models.

Modellers using the FAST Standard will have made the task considerably easier for themselves by following a standard approach that is recognised by others. Financial Statement Modelling reminds you of the basic construction and design skills you need and applies them to the complexities that arise from a case study - in this instance the acquisition of a concession to run an airport over a 30 year period.

The financial statements - income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement - form the core content around which the course fits. In addition, you will cover valuation techniques, sensitivities and scenario managers.

On completing the course and its assessments, you will be in a position to start building models that are FAST compliant and meet all the requirements of a financial statement forecast model.

Videos are ordered in such a way as to build up your learning in layers. By all means ignore the videos where you have the learning already. Here is a quick guide to the different categories:

Quick Reminders - knowledge that you should have picked up from our introductory courses. Quick Reminder videos are there just in case you need them.

How To - knowledge that is specific to Excel and - in particular - Excel functions. How To videos are there to build up your spreadsheet engineering abilities.

Rough Work - knowledge that is specific to the case study being modelled. In Rough Work videos look out for heavy use of placeholders and template coding.

Case Study - in Case Study videos, an experienced FAST modeller will model the case study solution. There is no audio accompaniment to Case Study videos.

Analysis - knowledge that is specific to reviewing models and obtaining insight. In Analysis videos expect lots of charting and lots of talking.

The course fee includes full and ongoing access to the video tutorials and downloads that are available within the online classroom. You will also benefit from online support from our team of expert modellers. 

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