Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling

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We’ve designed Encyclopedia of FAST Modelling for those who want to get into the detail of how best to use Excel in designing and constructing financial models using the FAST Standard.

It is for people who are not yet ready to sign up for a full-blown financial modelling course but who want to get a detailed picture of what they might expect when it comes to modelling philosophy and approach. It is for people who see modelling skills as part of a portfolio of business skills - what we call "business tradecraft".

Inside the encyclopedia, you will find:

  • quick reminders of key things to remember from our "31 days to better financial modelling" free online course
  • practical video tutorials exploring how to solve common problems encountered in modelling assignments
  • practical video tutorials focused on modeller productivity and the needs of a model reviewer
  • practical video tutorials focused on the evaluation and use of more complex Excel functions
  • access to a discussion forum managed by our 40+ team of professional modellers 

Every time we launch a new online course we think there is going to be something to add to the encyclopedia. Equally, if there is a topic that you want to see covered – and it is something that we work with frequently in F1F9 – then we will develop a video tutorial and add it to the encyclopedia.

There is a lot to look at already – and the bank of resources will be ever-expanding.

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