New FAST Fundamentals Course: Now Live

By Alex Arnold

New FAST Fundamentals Course: Now Live

We've got some good news to share: we have launched a brand new online course called FAST Fundamentals.

FAST Fundamentals is designed for those who have completed everything we offer for free and are wanting to do more in building up their modelling knowledge and skills.

For people who have completed the 31 days course, we think FAST Fundamentals is the next logical step:

FAST Fundamentals includes:

  • consolidated quick reminders of what you should have learned from our "31 days..." course
  • examples of how basic modelling skills might be applied to real-world models
  • modules showing how to build a template start model from a blank Excel worksheet - including input, time and other foundation sheets
  • practical modelling assignments to help you test your progress and answer the question: "Am I ready to move on?"
  • access to a discussion forum managed by our 40+ team of professional modellers in Delhi, India

While our modellers spend most of their time building models for F1F9's corporate clients, our large team capacity means that they are also available to support our online course subscribers. So there is a lot that we will do to help you meet your learning objectives - all at no additional cost to you.

The price of FAST Fundamentals is 95 GBP + VAT (where applicable). And for February we are happy to offer a discounted price of 49 GBP + VAT (where applicable).

To take a look at our brochure or buy FAST Fundamentals, click here.